The Cultural Cycle Of Giovanni And Truman Live Surrounded By Facades

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In a dangerous turn, culture in the 21st century has recently shifted focus to the importance of the appearance of the individual rather than sincerity. In Giovanni’s life, there is a lack of tangible authenticity, which leads him to downward spiral into loneliness. For Truman, his single encounter with authenticity allows him to see how truly alone he has been. Rubin and Niccol use their protagonists to draw attention to the faults in 21st century culture related to unauthenticity and it’s direct correlation to loneliness. Both Giovanni and Truman live surrounded by facades, which directly pushes them into loneliness. This cultural cycle is a trademark of 21st century Western life. Truman and Giovanni lack authenticity in both of their lives. In The Poser, Giovanni cannot see authenticity around him and questions the existence of authentic selves: “…as if inside the most familiar people and inside themselves, too, lived a stranger they might never know, or the space for such a stranger” (Rubin 74). Giovanni is unable to recognize authenticity within people because Giovanni has not experienced authenticity. Since everyone around Giovanni is insincere, he views sincerity cynically. When Giovanni meets Lucy and cannot impersonate her, he obsessively searches for what is within her: “He stumbled around in that rangy gait, despite not having her thread, the seam that when pulled would unravel her whole” (Rubin 63). Giovanni questions whether there is sincerity within Lucy, and…

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