Essay on The Cultural Components Of Greek Philosophy

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Greek philosophy is widely considered as the beginning of organized Western thought. Mathematics, science (including biology, cosmology, and physics), political theory, psychology and more were all developed in the Greek era. Ancient Greece’s influence on philosophy is so abundant that the works of Plato are often considered the footnotes of western philosophy. In making such a bold conviction it is only to say that Ancient Greece marked the starting point for Western philosophy. In this paper I will explore the the cultural components of Greek philosophy and how it has impacted and given me a better understanding of American culture. Deep thought began with the Ancient Greeks. Of course that is not to imply that civilizations such as ancient Egypt or Islam have not contributed to our philosophies. Greek philosophy itself began around 600 B.C. with a man called Thales and reaching its pinnacle with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. There are three major periods of ancient Greek philosophy: The Presocratics, the time before Socrates spanning about 150 years; the era of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, and the time of the Hellenistic philosophers. Presocratic Philosophers The philosophers of the Presocratic era are referred to as the first thinkers. Rejecting traditional mythological explanations for daily phenomena, they asked questions in look of rational explanations. Presocratic philosophy emerged as a new and innovative way to explain the phenomena of the world and it…

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