The Cuban Missile Crisis Is An Intelligence Failure Essay

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The Cuban Missile Crisis is an intelligence failure, which almost led to a global nuclear war. This paper examines few of the intelligence failures prior to the crisis.
The decision maker failures and Intelligence Community (IC) failures laid the groundwork for the Cuban Missile Crisis. Some of the decision maker failures are President John F Kennedy policy of communism containment, prior administration failure that failed to react to the threat and passed the Cuban problem to his successor. Some of the Intelligence Community failures are success of Soviet Deception, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) cautious approach after Bay of Pigs. Throughout the paper the failures will be discussed and analyzed in further detail.

The Cuban Missile Crisis also known as October Crisis was a 13-day nuclear standoff between United States and Soviet Union over the deployment of nuclear ballistic missiles in Cuba. It was a result of several cold war tensions that had been building for sometime. Some examples are Fidel Castro’s support for Soviet-Style communism in the early 1960s, a failed Bay of Pigs operation, Nikita Khrushchev’s decision to deploy nuclear missiles in Cuba to increase the soviet strategic arsenal and to show a real deterrent to a potential US attack against Soviet Union from the Jupiter missiles the US had placed in Turkey.

In January 1959, Fidel Castro overthrew the American-backed Cuban Dictator, Fulgencio Basista; Castro was then later supported by president…

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