The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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“Long-held hatreds [were] openly expressed and vengeance taken”(7) in the Puritan society described by Arthur Miller in The Crucible. Though Puritans are very religious and value honesty, the emergence of the witch hunts brings great chaos and a religious reason to prosecute and judge one’s enemies. By placing Elizabeth in such a world, Miller uses Elizabeth 's evolution in terms of compassion to illustrate that in a world that abuses religion for personal gain, a person who remains true to that religious ideology often finds themselves judging those closest to them, before realizing that the purest form of religion advocates for compassion and selflessness. Embracing those selfless and compassionate ideals ultimately cause pain and suffering. Miller’s depiction of the tense relationship between Proctor and Elizabeth illuminates how Elizabeth’s judgement of Proctor weakens their relationship, depicting that when one forces harsh judgements on another, relationships will suffer. Elizabeth finds it difficult to trust Proctor after he commits adultery with Abigail, breaking one of the Ten Commandments, violating the familial and societal religious code and betraying her. She remains suspicious of Proctor 's whereabouts, constantly questioning his encounters with Abigail. Proctor soon loses patience with her constant inquiries and lashes out at her, claiming that she "forget[s] nothin ' and forgive[s] nothin ' '(65). Proctor feels as though Elizabeth is unable to…

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