The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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The Salem Witch Trials were a bloody time in colonial America during the 1600’s, depicted in Arthur Miller 's play, The Crucible. The events of the trials in the play are dramatically depicted, although the plot gives an accurate prediction of what would happen during a time of mass hysteria. Many characters have contributed to the mass hysteria, but some are more to blame than others. The character Mary Warren is more to blame than the character Abigail Williams because Mary is easily manipulated, has switched sides during the trials, and was not forthright with evidence.
Mary Warren is more to blame for the prolonging of the witch trials than Abigail because she is easily manipulated. In Act Two, when Hale and Cheever are questioning Mary about the poppet, Mary Warren questions herself about making the poppet. This excerpt from the play illustrates how Mary Warren is being manipulated, “Hale: Child, you are certain this be your natural memory? May it be, perhaps, that someone conjures you even now to say this? Mary Warren: Conjures me? Why, no sir, I am entirely myself, I think.” (Miller 76). When Mary says, “I think,” she is already being muscled by questioning that isn’t very hard-hitting. She is letting the questioning get to her head and is giving the court a reason to suspect that she is indeed being witched by someone (Elizabeth) to say this. Abigail on the other hand has never been pushed around during the whole time of the trials, and actually manipulated and…

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