The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible portrays several symbolic characters that develop the themes of guilt, revenge, manipulation, and intolerance. Guilt, revenge, manipulation, and intolerance are four of the most prevalent themes in the play. Characters that are symbolic of the four previously stated themes include John Proctor who heavily symbolizes the theme of guilt, Abigail Williams who symbolizes the theme of revenge, Abigail Williams symbolizes the theme of manipulation, and Deputy Governor Danforth who symbolizes the theme of intolerance. Revenge is the most prevalent theme in the play. The symbolic character that aids to the development of the theme of revenge is Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams accuses John Proctor’s wife, Elizabeth, of being a witch after a guilty John confronts her on their affair. “ We never touched, Abby. Aye, but we did. Aye, but we did not” (Act I, 1246). John denies that there was ever any relations between him and Abigail, which deeply upsets her. Abigail later gets revenge on John by accusing his wife of being a witch. “she testify it were your wife’s familiar spirit pushed it in” (Act II, 1282). Abigail framed Elizabeth by having Mary Warren make a poppet in court, stick the needle in its belly, and then give the doll to Elizabeth. Abigail then stabbed herself with a needle in her stomach in the same spot as the needle in the poppet. Abigail knew that if she stabbed herself and the poppet with the needle in it was found in the Proctor…

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