The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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Today, one would normally disregard a rumor of Communism or witchcraft among their coworkers and/or acquaintances, believing that it is just gossip, but in certain times in history, people’s lives were ruined by rumors such as those. In the 1950s and late 1600s Salem, MA, rumors of Communism and witchcraft would be believed and taken to extremes. The destructions of reputations or even lives in consequence of these trials were paralleled in the McCarthy Hearings and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Arthur Miller uses The Crucible as a comparison between the Salem Witch Trials and McCarthyism by showing how the accusers in both situations used their power to stir mass hysteria, harbored corrupt motives, and dictated unjust trials and punishments. Although logic should have taken precedence over the hysteria stirred by the leaders of both the McCarthy Trials and the Salem Witch Trials, this was not the case. The Crucible depicts the hysteria that reigned in both the Salem Witch Trials and the McCarthy Hearings in that each showed how the leaders of the trials lied and accused innocents of crimes so feared that the trials and punishments escalated to a point where they were out of their control (Sowers). A court was ordered where the witnesses’ accusations served “evidence” against a suspect and used additional “evidence” that could not be disregarded, such as two witnesses saying that they saw the suspect saying or doing “suspicious” things (“Evidence”, “The”). The hysteria was…

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