Essay about The Crucible By A Film Based On The Salem Witch Trials

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The Crucible, a film based on the Salem Witch Trials, began in 1692, in a Salem Village located in Massachusetts. Elizabeth Parris, the nine-year-old daughter of minister Samuel Parris, developed a pain of sickness in which no doctor could find a cure. Slave, Tituba, purchased by Samuel Parris was an Arawak Indian from Guyana. She was brought to New England to become a slave to the Parris family. Later on Tituba tried to end Bettys sickness by feeding a dog a baked cake in which contained Elizabeth’s urine. Among all of the women Tituba was the first one to be arrested. Investigators were then convinced that there were witches in Salem who worshiped Satan. However, more and more people started being accused of becoming witches by a group of young women who portrayed themselves of being cursed by the people they accused. The females acted in strange ways such as talking foolishly, making ridiculous speeches, and having odd gestures. Because of the young women experimenting in fortune telling, many people were falsely accused of doing things they never did, and that is how the Salem Witch Trials began.
Originating in Europe and Africa, the history of Witchcraft has been around for an extended period. Witchcraft spread throughout the world and eventually made its way to the New World. The study of witchcraft has been known for working with the devil. Anthropologists referred to witchcraft as witch finding movements. Witch crazes, witch-hunts, and witch panics has been referred…

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