Essay on The Crisis Of Israel And Palestine

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Overall, the crisis simulation was an engaging, interactive, and innovative way to encourage participants to act as state leaders and resolve contemporary issues. This experience was valuable to grappling with modern day crises and using an outside perspective to resolve issues. The most interesting event was the agreement between Israel and Palestine wherein the two nations agreed to condemn terrorism, avoid civilian casualties in their conflict, militarily support Palestine in the demilitarization of Hamas, and hold future discussions about borders and cooperation. Israel also engaged in negotiations with Russia, the United States, and Palestine which promised to send $4 billion in aid to Palestine for developing infrastructure, improving the economic situation, and committing forces to fight Hamas. Furthermore, Israel promised to assist the Palestinian Authority in returning territories occupied by the Israelis and halting further settlement in the West Bank.
The two delegations announced together that Israel would withdraw its military from Gaza, provide financial support and free economic restraints on Palestine, and allow the state to operate independently. In exchange, the Palestinian authority promised to work on ridding Gaza of Hamas, recognizing Israel as a state, and cooperating economically. A coalition consisting of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Russia also committed forces to fighting Hamas and reclaiming Gaza when the territory claimed independence. Israel’s army…

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