The Criminalization Of Arabs And Muslims Essay example

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As we know, “minority” does not necessarily mean “small” in reference to size. In fact, many minority groups, such as women, African-Americans, working class, Muslims, etc. as are actually quite large, sometimes very close in size to their perspective majority figure or group.
Criminalization of a minority group consists of making that groups’ activities illegal and restricting their access to resources. Criminalization itself typically fits into one of two models; The Conflict Model and The Consensus Model. Created by Karl Marx, The Conflict model is when the elites, or the majority groups, criminalize the acts of the powerless, or the minority groups. The research I have done for this paper falls under the concepts of this model. The Consensus Model, however, is the idea of shared norms or accepted rules by society, such as ‘laws handed down by God’ and so forth.
I decided to research the criminalization of Arabs and Muslims in America. I conducted my research over the course of 6 days; Thursday, November 10th-Wednesday, November 16th. Three of these 6 days consisted of simply reading and taking extensive notes. The other 3 I dedicated to writing and perfecting this paper.
The criminalization of Muslims as we know it today began after the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Since then, Americans have “associate(d) all Muslims with the worst Muslim they know at the time” (Hasan 2000). This has created the widely…

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