The Importance Of The Patriot Act

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American citizens favor their civil liberties granted by the law and by the Constitution. Civil liberties are freedoms of a citizen granted by the U.S. Constitution without arbitrary government abridgement. Arbitrary meaning based solely on the government’s whim if an unpopular message was said or even implied. They are important because those freedoms protect the people from an oppressive government and other oppressive citizens. These rights include the freedom of assembly, petition, press, religion, speech and civil rights. The rights separate the United States from a tyrannical government ever since the creation of the country itself. The preservation of civil rights is a keystone of democracy. This allows the United States of America to …show more content…
The Patriot Act has many benefits not related to terrorism, such as, according to Romano I. Pleuso, the prevention of illegal economic activity, providing help for victims of the September 11, 2011 terror attacks and preventing illegal alien terrorists from entering the United States (41-44). This illegal economic activity includes: overseas credit card fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, cybercrime and charity fraud. This allows honest people to make honest money, but increases the punishment for citizens turning profits through illegal ways. This is done either through special measures and due diligence of banking companies such as forcing companies to have anti-money laundering programs. The act also remembers the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks and paid reparations if they are unable to sustain their families due to the loss of their family member in the horrific attack. Many of the people lost in the terror attacks were the main money makers in the family and the families would have a difficult time moving on if they were also economically entrenched in debt. The law also prevents terrorists from using the southern border of the U.S. to enter the nation to cause more horrific damage. This eliminates some option terrorists can take in order to damage the nation and attack more innocent people. The Patriot Act should not be fully abolished, but be edited because it helps prevent money making that goes against the law, provides assistance for the victims’ families who were lost in the September 11 attacks and prevents future terrorist attacks from coming from the southern border of the United

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