The Criminal Justice System Of Mexico Essay

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Intro: Criminal justice system has been looked at one of the main reasons to feel safe to prevent crimes from happening and making the community or country a better place. There are many countries with different structures of their law enforcement some are stricter, reliable and better than others and some may be worse than others may not show results in the community. For this paper I will be focusing on the criminal justice system of Mexico and how they are set up and how things work in this country. Mexico is a huge country and there is so many people and places to deal with. Many crimes go on even in today 's world the crimes and problems that go on the criminal justice system the police has to worry about the dangerous situations that come up and risk themselves to provide a better place for the country. although every country is different and have similarities they all have a specific goal they have different types of policing strategies may differ ,requirements may be different ,training may be harder or easier as well as problems within the system may be different. Every country has their defect and their strong abilities in certain section and Mexico for being one of the largest countries in Central America has a unique criminal justice system in some good ways and in some bad.

In the large country of Mexico one of the most known country in the world the police is divided into several types of police forces with different responsibilities. There are 31…

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