The Crime Of Adult Crime Essay

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In 2009, the FBI stated that eleven percent of all violent crime clearances and seventeen percent property crime clearances involved only youth (qtd. in Campaign for Youth Justice). Meaning that a little over eighty percent of all crime was done by adults. The FBI also notes that the rate of adult crime has only gone down one percent over the past decade, compared to juvenile crime which has gone down more than twenty percent (qtd. in Campaign for Youth Justice). With this being said, how are the two treated? Are the justice systems trying to crack down more on the juveniles of today 's world, or are they just simply letting adults off to easy? Would it be better to combine forces between detention centers and jails to eliminate age inequality? When adults in the United States commit a crime less than murder, they usually serve an intermediate sentence which consists of five to fifty years, depending on the severity of the crime. When a juvenile commits a crime of the same level, they, in most cases, serve time in a detention facility with cells of course, but nothing in comparison to that of a jail or prison.
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Juveniles should have to endure the criminal justice system in the same way adults do. No single group should be favored or underprivileged in any way throughout the process. This is not necessarily saying that they must attend the same prison; just ensuring the process is accomplished fairly. The fact that the criminal is under the age of eighteen should…

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