The Crench Revolution: The Causes Of The French Revolution

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The French Revolution had started for many reasons, such as; The French had Social Issues, Economical Issues and also Political Issues. The French had periodic periods were that they had times where they had fallen and also risen. For which, their troubling incidents are what led them to their fall. In this short essay, I will be describing what the incidents were and why they started and also describe how this revolution could not have been prevented based upon their circumstances.
One issue is that the French Revolution started because of Louis XVI. When Louis XVI came to rule the throne, issues started to occur. France was already in a tough position at this time and had many struggles. Perhaps, Louis XVI thought that he would help France
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As stated above, Taxation was a problem. The other issue, problem was warfare. The French was in a financial state of burden. They were really tight on money and made poor decisions when it came to finances. Because of the unfair taxation issue, the peasants felt furious and wanted to stand up. Even if they could, they have trouble paying the taxes and eventually led to them refusing to pay completely. Warfare was an extreme burden on finances. The cost for the troops to have what they need to go into battle. The cost of weapons, and ships and other warfare needs and thus, leading to issues with the French revolution. There was little money to help stabilize the government and the King thought by taxing the poor would help but mistakenly he was wrong. There was little money coming in from taxes because the underclass could not pay or refused to pay. Another issue that led to the French revolution was the food shortage. During this time, they started to have a food shortage due to little money that France had to supply the needs of the people and this food shortage led the peasants and middle classes to starts riots. A one point during the food shortage a group of women got fed up and actually marched to Louis XVI to demand for more …show more content…
The peasants were furious with the unequal class system and they wanted to get rid of the class system all together. They were furious at how their government was. The government was out of control and it was affecting the people. The peasants felt it was unfair on how they were being treated and wanted to do something about it. They wanted the class system to be swept away, they wanted more freedom and surely they wanted more equality. They wanted to vote on who gets to rule their country instead of a King that was born to rule the country. They wanted the government to become a Parliament system instead of an absolute system. For this, outrage peasants and riots began to sweep in and they were determined to overthrow the government. However, this had failed. France was led into a position to where they began to grow weak and the government was out of control. Eventually, Napoleon came in and made it an

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