The Cremation Of Sam Mcgee Essay example

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The Cremation Of Sam McGee was written by Robert Service and published in 1907. Robert Service was living in the Yukon during the 1896 gold rush when the wrote “The Cremation Of Sam McGee” and the poem was published 1907. The first stanza of the poem stages a setting for the piece. The speaker makes it very clear that the poem takes place where the sun shines all day and all night, where men work very hard in search of gold. In this first stanza, the speaker addressing that this is a place where very strange things happen, and that he had to cremate a man named Sam McGee.

The first stanza of this poem really gets the reader interested in the piece. The poem takes place in the Yukon during the gold rush. The speaker using context clues like the northern lights (Line 5), the arctic trails (Line 3), Lake Labarge(Line 7) and ‘the midnight sun’ (Line 1) to identify the setting.
In line 4 of the poem, the writer makes a pun when he states the arctic trails would make one’s “blood runs cold” because the arctic is a very frigid place, but it also makes you think that terrifying things happen there. When he claims that strange things happen in this place, this leaves the reader mystified.

In stanza two of the poem, the speaker starts to describe a little about Sam McGee, like that he is from Tennessee, which is a warm place. Sam apparently left home to come to the North, but the speaker does not know why. It seems as though even though Sam was always cold and seems to…

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