The Credibility Of A Person Essay

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The credibility of a person is one of the most important factors to determine whether that person should or should not be allowed to take the stand in the courtroom. Being able to rely on the answers given by a witness or the accused is vital to lawyers or paralegals as those answers could be what helps their client be released from their charges. However, if a person becomes discredited while on the stand, then your client may not have a chance of being released. A person’s credibility must be unimpeachable in order for their statements and testimonies to be considered in a court of law. Determining credibility depends on the witness’ or the accused’s mental and physical state, previous criminal conduct, and the consistency of statements. Mental and physical stability is an important factor to consider when deciding if a witness or the accused should be allowed to take the stand in court. If a mental or physical disability is found, then the witness or accused could easily become discredited based on belief that their disability may have somehow affected their statements or testimonies. In the case of R. v. Tomlinson, the Crown’s witness to a first degree murder, whose name was concealed to protect their identity, was found to be suffering from multiple mental disorders and was on a multitude of prescription drugs for his disorders (R. v. Tomlinson, 2008). This led to great interest on the in the witness’ medical past and his protected medical records as it would allow…

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