The Creature Of The Beast Essay example

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In France in the late 1760’s, there was an atrocity that involved around one hundred animal-attack deaths caused by one creature, the infamous Beast of Gevaudan. Per Jaime Hill, the beast was the size of a horse and looked like a bear, hyena, wolf, and panther hybrid. It had a long wolf or pig-like snout. Many researchers believed there were at least two, or more than two, beasts roaming the area. The color of the beast changed every time the beast was spotted; it would go from red to red with grey and white patches to red with stripes. Sometimes there would even be no red, it may just be black or white. Locals believed it to be a werewolf, or a sorcerer who shapeshifted into a monstrous predator to feed on human flesh. The beast was also said to be bulletproof; that is until someone tried to shoot it with a silver bullet. The beast died after that and was never heard about again (Hill, “The Cryptid Zoo: The Beast of Gevaudan, n.p.)
Per Unknown Explorers, the beast was a wolf like creature, approximately the size of a cow. It had large feet with razor sharp claws, red hair, a large greyhound shaped head. It also had small straight ears, a wide chest, back streaked with black streaks, and a large mouth with monstrous fangs. The beast is said to most likely appear towards the end of the day or at night. It killed between sixty and one hundred women and children. It also injured more than thirty people. Many people believed it was a werewolf and sent packs of people out at…

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