Essay on The Cranes And Their Word Choice

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The Cranes and their Word Choice
In the short story, The Cranes written by Peter Meinke, it talked about a very rare type of love. The author, Meinke uses creative word choices to let one fully understand the story, which is very important for the readers. An older husband and wife are sitting in a Dodge pickup gazing upon the Gulf. They end up watching two whooping cranes in the water that the wife spotted. As the story goes on, the older couple talks about all of the things that they have in common with the whooping cranes. At the end of the story, the wife gently closes her eyes and passes away. The author’s words were very delicate and tender to read during this part. The word choice used in stories lets one understand every aspect in every sentence if used correctly. The word choice in The Cranes, was very pleasing. Peter Meinke did an example of this by saying, “Outside, the wind ruffled the bleached-out grasses, and the birds in the white glare seemed almost transparent” (Meinke 194). The author wanted one to understand that the wind was blowing some, but not so much that the older husband and wife could not enjoy their last moments together. When he mentioned the “bleached-out grasses”, Meinke is saying the grass is not so green anymore. The grass was dying just like the older couple. Although this is symbolism, the words Meinke chose to describe this were very subtle. Instead of Meinke bluntly saying, “the grass is dead,” he had a more beautiful and effective way…

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