Essay on The Courtship Of Various Bird Species

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Life sustains itself by means of reproduction. An innate sense to pass on one’s genes to the next generation of their species is present in all living organisms. In the animal kingdom courtship is used to find a suitable mate with ideal characteristics that they want their offspring to have. In this essay birds have been chosen to be discussed due to their unique and complex courtship rituals. Ironically, even though humans are one of the largest populations of beings on Earth we tend to use courtship with occasionally convoluted mannerisms simply for sexual pleasure. We have also constructed a number of ways in which to prevent reproduction of our species from contraceptives to abortions. So far throughout my life I have observed that some animal behavior, in regards to courtship, are reflected in human. This paper will focus on the courtship of various bird species are reflected in social human practices within our society. I think courtship is when a living organism that has reached maturity as well as later in life seeks out another individual to procreate.
Saunders (1919) makes the claim that sexual selection is the primary cause of the evolution of bird songs. The author defines bird song as a vocal performance sung by the males of the species. It can be heard at a specific time during a season, usually Spring. Courtship is not the only event that takes place during that season, mating and nesting do as well. Since there are multiple types of birds there are different…

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