The Counterculture Of The Hippie Movement Essay

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The Hippie Movement has caused a great amount of change to the environment it has surrounded, which started around Ashbury-Haight Street in San Francisco and has spread throughout the country. Eastern religion, philosophy and political beliefs caused environmentalism, which impacted environmental thinking. Brought to the minds of young people, it helped make environmentalism a mass movement in society. Many young activists created a variety of organizations, events, and campaigns that supported the environment by protecting it from pollutions, war, and other environmental disasters. The Hippie Movement rejected the encounters with mainstream American lifestyles and encouraged the exploration of the environmental thinking of ecology and environmentalism, which the Hippies took part in changing people’s ignorance towards the environment they live in.

Young adults, as it claims in “during the 1960’s to 1970’s rejected mainstream American life”(Britannia). These young adults were known as Hippies. Hippies were a group of people who rejected older generation rules and rebelled against conformity to the American society forming a new way of living which was called the Hippie Movement. The Hippie Movement started in San Francisco, then spread throughout the country. The main reason of the Hippie Movement was “to discover new things, to explore new ideas and rebel against society” (Stone). Usually, American’s have TV-styled home cooked meals, men usually wear business…

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