The Corruption Of The Government And The American Dream

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The American Dream is a famous idea of a perfect society that every individual has a different perspective on how to protect their own version of this dream against any corruption. Sometimes the American government can get in the way of private dreams because of their regulations. These rules have constricted all classes of society, especially the lower class of achieving their dream since they must pay policy makers or be subjected to the consequences. The institution of the government has impacted the pursuit of happiness for the people of America. Over the years, the federal government has gotten worse in regard to how they handle citizens’ inalienable rights. The officials that make others follow the laws made by the government have tried …show more content…
Rebellions have happened with the people of the United States so that government officials take notice and take action against those that are against them. There have been rebellions, but most of the protests turned into rebellions later on. For example, the Boston Tea Party was a political protest by the Sons of Liberty in Boston, on December 16th, 1773 against their own government who was forcing them to pay taxes on tea with the Tea Act of 1773. Then there was Shay’s Rebellion from 1786 to 1787, which was a series of conflicts that happened between desperate farmers in debt and state authorities in western Massachusetts. This rebellion came to symbolize the discontent throughout New England during the American Revolution. The attitudes of the citizens and the people who run the government have changed drastically in a negative way since the beginning of the foundation of America by the British. Citizens have become even more reliant because of the way they were ignored by the royal crown early on in colonization of this new land. But, they have also become more dependent on the government to provide for them in modern society so not much has changed from being reliant on the government to help the people. In modern society, welfare and food stamps has been a providing source for American citizens who can not afford to pay for food or other items that they may need. Federal officials have become much more negative in their decision-making since they have tried to force people to pay more money for less quality. Healthcare has had a lot of issues since officials are ignoring the pleas of the citizens at home while focusing on other nations instead. The citizens of the United States must take action in order to be heard from their federal government to have quality

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