The Core Competency Of The And Coalitions That Are Necessary For Public Budgeting

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The following piece of evidence meets the NASPAA core competency of the ability to communicate and interact productively with a diverse and changing workforce and citizenry and specifically within the sub-competency of Negotiate interest-based resolutions with stakeholders experiencing conflict. The selected piece of evidence exceeds the standard because it demonstrates how I used the fourth option in Competency 5d being able to point to example in which they have created and/or lead teams or coalitions. Can apply teaming and coalition building concepts to describe the experience. The following report was the Module 6 essay quiz of PAD 6227 – Public Budgeting. To complete the essay quiz, I discussed the various team building and coalitions that are necessary to use in public budgeting especially when public policy is involved with multiple stakeholders in action.

In the essay quiz, the first question asked “why does anyone care about the budget process—isn’t it outcomes that really matter? Give examples of how actors who do care and how they try to shape the process and what difference they make.” I answered how the budget process serves many purposes, including facilitating the resolution of competing claims from different stakeholders for the budget, and adapting to various changes may as a result from such resolutions such as limits on decisions concerning taxing and budget allocations. I cite Irene Rubin’s book Politics of Budgeting, throughout the answers provided.…

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