The Controversial Debate Of Homosexuality Essay

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Homosexuality has long been a controversial topic of England 's history, stretching from England’s origins all the way to modern day. It was condemned in the Bible , and sodomy (the act of homosexual sex, or other sexual acts not for procreation) was made illegal in the 15th century , punishable by death until the mid-1800s. Yet, there are records of homosexuals throughout England 's history. Kings , actors , members of the upper echelons of society, all were seen in homosexual relations, committing acts of sodomy. In the Victorian era, there are many famous examples of homosexual men, including the most famous, Oscar Wilde . Many Victorians knew about these so called ‘sodomites’ and often ignored them in upper levels of society . In reality, few men actually were persecuted for sodomy in the late 19th century in England. Homosexuality in Victorian England, though not legal, was mostly ignored within society, some due to fear of scandal, sometimes for reasons of people simply not understanding the existence of homosexuals in society. , Many cases either received minor sentences instead of the death penalty, or outright denied. Famous cases like the trial of Oscar Wilde, or the trials of Boulton and Park , were often outside of the norm. In this essay, I will be looking at Victorian society and views of homosexuality, as well as the theory of scandal. As well I will be arguing the trial of Wilde and of Boulton and Park were both anomalies of the Victorian era. The…

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