The Controversial And Thought Provoking Installation Artist And Activist

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The controversial and thought provoking installation artist and activist, Angela Singer uses her process of redefining the purpose of taxidermy to interpret the preconceived perceptions of animal violence, gender roles in society and art as well as the viewers experience. Since the early 1990’s taxidermy has taken the reins in popular culture, especially in contemporary art. Artists are now using taxidermy in their work as a unique and yet growing medium to be displayed in exhibits. “Singer’s reclamation of the taxidermy object acknowledges the taxidermy process and utilizes historical methods of displaying to simultaneously expose the myth of the hunt and the masculine drive to collect animal trophies.
Angela Singer’s concept of incorporating animals into her work was originally influenced by the love of her childhood dog. She always felt a strong connection to him, and any animal for that matter, but when her family packed up and moved from England to New Zealand, instead of bringing the dog along with them or finding him a new home, her parents decided to just put him down. It has always haunted Singer that her loyal companion was put down even though he wasn’t ill, he was just considered inconvenient. One of the most important factors of Singer’s work is that she refuses to go out and hunt animals for her art. It would be contradicting for her to kill animals because the purpose of her work is to reduce the superiority we humans feel we have over other species.…

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