Louisiana Purchase

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On April 30, in 1803 there was a land deal between the United States, and France; in which the United States representatives in Paris agreed to pay 15 million dollars acquiring approximately 827,000 square miles of land West of the Mississippi River. With this purchase the United States doubled in size and eventually purchased and owned 828,000,000 square miles of France. This land deal was known as the Louisiana Purchase. It was the single largest purchase of land ever acquired by the United States as well as the cheapest. Not only did it doubled the size of the country, but also extended commerce trade. It is also known as one of the largest land purchases in History, and one of President Thomas Jefferson’s greatest achievements.
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Jefferson offered to purchase land from Napoleon rather than having a war over it. He sent diplomats to France to negotiate for continued access trade along the Mississippi’s River, while also sending diplomats to Brittan to pursue other policy options. Jefferson sent James Monroe, the secretary of state to negotiate in Paris. Monroe imposed the purchase New Orleans and West Florida for an amount between two and ten million dollars. To Monroe’s surprise however, Napoleon offered more. His military was overextended and needed more money to continue war against Brittan. He no longer had need for Louisiana’s Territory, so Napoleon offered all of Louisiana to the United States for 15 million dollars. Documents confirming this were signed on April 30, in 1803. Napoleon didn’t mind selling the Louisiana land to the United States because he thought it would hurt his enemy, England. He wanted the money immediately to prepare for war with Great Britain. So, the United States was forced to borrow form two European banks with a 6% interest. The loan was not completely payed off until 1823, and by then the Louisiana Purchase had extended over 23 million. The massive territory extended from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and would more than double the size of the United States. Some people claim the he had no right to sell the …show more content…
Congress had to agree had to agree on raising the funds to finance the purchase, and transfer the documents that completed the deal. It took 30 documents in all to carry out the various functions. The Louisiana Purchase is considered one of the greatest purchase’s in American History. Jefferson and his men seized the moment, and in a single action, changed America and its place in the world. With the purchase of this territory Jefferson’s dream of westward expansion took a huge leap. He had plans to explore it and discover all its riches. The United States would expand beyond the Mississippi River, and obtain rich forests, vast plains, and mountains that would one day stop the vital resources to make it the most powerful, and most prosperous nation in the world. The story of the Louisiana Purchase, was more than just a quick deal, it took more to complete the purchase then the treaty

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