The Content Area Alignment Papers

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Team A1 met on November 30th at 3:30 PM, Arizona time. The first thing Pamela and Lisa discussed was their content area alignment papers. Pamela used the fourth discussion from SPE 520- Reading and Communication Strategies for Individuals with Autism to align with task list items F-01: Use self-management strategies and F-08: Use augmentative communication systems. She used the behavior change system project from SPE 565 - Behavior Change Systems to align with task list items F-03: Use Direct Instruction and F-07: Use functional communication training. During the discussion Pamela chose, her group discussed the use of augmentative communication systems as well as the use of Functional Communication Training (FCT) and how it can help nonverbal clients with autism. Some of the disadvantages and challenges of using FCT were also discussed. The Behavior Change system project used FCT as a replacement behavior for a client with aggressive tendencies. The Behavior Analyst (BA) would have to use direct instruction with the client during FCT. Pamela used the research project completed during SPE 569 - Research Methods Applied Behavior Analysis to show mastery of task list items K-02: Identify the contingencies governing the behavior of those responsible for carrying out behavior-change procedures and design interventions accordingly and K-03: Design and use competency-based training for persons who are responsible for carrying out behavioral assessment and…

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