Essay The Constitutional System Of The United States ' Welfare

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There are many factors that are seen as threats to the United States’ welfare. More specifically, demagogues are often seen as threats to our democracy. These individuals seek support by appealing to emotions, popular desires, and prejudices—rather than by rational argument. During the Great Depression there was a remarkable and powerful, Huey Long. He was the governor of Louisiana, and a presidential candidate in the 1932 presidential election. He was known for his populist ideology and abuse of power. Due to his ability to have control and power in politics, people question whether the constitutional system of separated institutions sharing powers is sufficient enough to guard against the dangers of political power populist demagogues hold. However, our system has the ability to guard against such concentrations and abuses of power because of our separation of powers. The separation of powers implemented within the American government—and addressed by Madison in The Federalist Papers—help protect the US’ democracy. This keeps any single branch, or person, from gaining too much power.
During the Great Depression, people were in desperate need of aid. The government under Hoover’s administration did not help many. Politicians, like Huey Long, were able to become popular and dominate politics because of their rhetoric. Many of Long’s supporters were poor individuals who praised him for being radical, and for supporting reforms that benefited them. He wanted redistribute…

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