The Constitutional Issue Of Quebec Essay

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The Constitution Act of 1982 transferred the authority to amend the Constitution from Great Britain to Canada. To date, Quebec’s constitutional concerns have not been addressed to a great enough extent, according to the government or the residence, to formally pass consent on the 1982 Constitution. This is largely due to the distinctiveness of the society of Quebec originating from the largely French speaking population, the resilient cultural identity, as well as history, political, and social traditions, that are more or less not shared with the rest of Canada The question in concern is whether or not Canada’s Constitution should recognize the francophone population in Quebec as a ‘nation’ with characteristics and needs palpably different from those of other provinces in the Canadian federation. The problem has been tackled on a number of occasions but has yet to be resolved. This paper serves to propose three potential amendment solutions to the constitutional problem of Quebec; these include the prospective bilateral constitutional amendment, … as well as simply rethinking the framework of Canada.

The Constitutional issue of Quebec is of great importance due to the fact that the Constitution was imposed upon the citizens without their consent, and this begs the question of whether this is sufficient moral justification for the Quebecoise to acquire a new one. The problem at hand is that of linguistic duality within Canada. Heavy emphasis was placed in the Constitution…

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