Essay about The Constitutional Convention Of The United States

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When the delegates to the Constitutional Convention gathered in Philadelphia in 1787, it was already understood that slavery was an issue with the potential to tear the new republic apart. At the convention, with the three-fifths compromise a precedent of compromise was established. Over the next half century, every time the nation was faced with controversy over the “peculiar institution” the proverbial can was kicked down the road by Congressional compromises between the northern states where slavery was well on its way to extinction by the dawn of the nineteenth century and the slaveholding south whose plantations produced the young nation’s cash crops. In 1860, after the election of the first American president running on a distinctly anti-slavery, though far from abolitionist platform, all desperate attempts at compromise failed as eleven of the slave states left the Union plunging the nation into the bloodiest war in its history. Through a series of events in 1850s, compromise was made impossible through the terror of the slave power caused by the victory of the young free-soil Republican party coupled with the emergence of militant abolitionism. Before 1830, the strong abolitionist movement which had developed among the free black communities of Northern cities like Boston and Philadelphia under the intellectual leadership of men like David Walker had found few supporters among their wide neighbors. In 1831, this changed with the publication of The Liberator,…

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