The Constitution Vs. U.s. Constitution Essay

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When a convention was held to revise the weak Articles of Confederation, the representatives from each state ultimately created an entirely new document - the Constitution. The government under the Constitution was praised by some, saying that a stronger central government was exactly what the country needed. These people began calling themselves Federalists and interpreted the Constitution broadly to execute their ideals of a strong federal government. Anti-Federalists believed that the Constitution was giving the federal government too much power and that state legislatures should have most of the power. These people began calling themselves Democratic-Republicans and interpreted the Constitution strictly to execute their ideals of a weaker federal government. During Jefferson’s administration, Democratic Republicans, when concerning the Constitution in itself, remained strict, but when concerning policies that would benefit their agricultural ideals, they turned to a broad interpretation of the Constitution, while during Madison’s administration, Democratic Republicans remained strict constructionists. In both cases, Federalists displayed strict constructionism in their criticisms of Democratic Republican policies.
Jefferson, in his administration, expressed stereotypical Democratic Republican strict constructionism, but in practice, he often acted against his party’s beliefs to fulfill his personal agrarian visions of society. Like all Democratic Republicans, in 1800,…

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