The Constitution Or Creating A New Constitution Essay

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Hearing all these things about the ratifying the constitution or creating a new constitution from scratch really has my mind working. You have the federalist, the people for ratifying the constitution and no Bill of Rights and the Anti-federalist, the people for creating a whole new constitution and having a bill of rights. I have to say that is not much to go off of right there but there is a whole lot more when you go into depth, I am for the anti-federalist. Why, you may ask? Well, for one the Bill of Right is going to be set in stone except for a few exceptions, the bigger states will now have more power than the smaller ones, there will not be a ruler from thousands of miles away, and finally there will be a Bill of Rights to give you more rights than the constitution.
First of all with the Bill of Rights “is not designed that you shall shall be annually called, either to revise, correct, or renew it, (Dewitt).” Therefore we will not have to worry about different parts of the Bill of Rights changing on us and having to learn the new changes that will be made every year. Who would want to have to dread waiting of your rights to change because of a yearly revision? No one! Everything is going to be set in stone but, there is one exception to this. If three fourths of the states decide to ratify a change, it will be changed, which is a good trade off considering, most of the people in the United States will have to agree with the change rather than have an unwanted change…

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