The Conservatives : Ideas And Personalities Throughout American History

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In Patrick Allitt’s book “The Conservatives: Ideas and Personalities Throughout American History” there were several themes in the book regarding the rise (and ebb?) of conservativism in the United States. Dr. Allitt apologizes to the reader that his book was limited in its length and scope due to restrictions. One may suspect that major events like the era of Reagan conservativism could have consumed multiple chapters or volumes. Dr. Allitt provides to the reader numerous “snapshots” of conservative figures during critical junctures in American history. The book is outlined in a succinct chronological order from the Federalist period through the beginning of the 21st Century. One quickly learns that so as the country matured, so did the sophistication of the conservative response. The text to me redefines and expands my own understanding of how Conservative movement has shaped American history.
The conservative movement was established sometime in the 1950’s in the United States according to the author. I would recommend the date of November 19, 1955, when the publication of “National Review” was started. The “National Review” became the standard bearer of Conservative political thought in American. Buckley and his writers were able to create a forum where the discussion of conservative ideals was disseminated to the mainstream American public. Up until that time, Conservatives were voices in the wilderness, few and scattered without any forum to express their…

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