The Consequences Of Society 's Views Essay

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The Consequences of Society’s Views
Kurt Vonnegut has written a collective amount of small essays and in one of them he speaks of going into the arts. He draws the reader in by his blunt honesty and compassion, showing a great deal of ethos and pathos in the process. Kurt tells of the success to be found within the creative process and the benefits to reaped from it. Virginia Woolf in “Professions for Women” reiterates this theme of success in her speech to others, particularly women. Her use of rhetorical appeals and situations reach out to others much in the same regard. The uses of the rhetorical appeals are used predominantly in the excerpt of Kurt Vonnegut’s A Man Without a Country and targets the audience in a very specific way. Woolfe’s uses of the rhetorical appeals may not work in the exact way as Vonnegut’s but she does strive to have others reach towards one similar goal. Both of these authors echo one another in the idea of encouraging others to enter a field that many disregard entirely without hesitation. They argue cleverly with persuasive arguments and an informative tone within their works, both vying for the chance to persuade one to enter into what society considers an “undesirable field”. Vonnegut frankly discusses the reluctance many have to enter into the arts world. He admits that “arts are not a way to make a living” therein showing that financial success would not be found in that career field. This displays a large amount of ethos into…

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