The Consequences Of Society In Shirley Jackson's The Lottery

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Blindly following society’s norms can lead to consequences that negatively affect the lives of the followers. Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery begins with a focus on the villagers gathering for a lottery. The people begin to wonder where Tessie Hutchinson is who shows up late. Once the lottery begins, Mr. Hutchinson draws the marked paper leading to Tessie being chosen. She attempts to reason with the people claiming “it isn’t fair” (Jackson 6), however the villagers ignore her pleas and attack Tessie with the stones they have collected. The story of Harrison Bergeron also shows the dangers of not questioning the rules society has made for them. Kurt Vonnegut displays a society that wishes to become a utopia in which everyone is equal. George and Hazel are unable to freely think due to the handicaps they are forced to wear. Their son Harrison, who has …show more content…
It isn’t fair she said” (Jackson 6). Due to Tessie’s claims being too late, her pleas are ignored and the villagers proceed with killing a member of their society who they have known for years. Society will change once its member successfully question the way their community functions. Not only does Jackson show the aftereffect of a society with members who unsuccessfully questioned its ways, but one that had success. During the lottery, Mr. Adams and Old Man Warner discuss the other villages and Mr. Adams tells him “over in the north village they’re talking of giving up the lottery . . . some places have already quit lotteries” (Jackson 4). The questioning of how society functions in the other villages is what led to the people ending the lottery. Within this moment, Shirley Jackson references a society that positively changed due to the curiosity of the villagers. The importance of questioning is effectively shown in this version of what all the villages could be like. Much like Jackson, Kurt Vonnegut displays a world in which its inhabitants thoughtlessly follow the rules made for

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