The Consequences And Effects Of Parental Divorce On Children

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Within a family unit, divorce not only involves the couple in the relationship, but it has major consequences on their children. It is important to consider how the relationship will continue because it affects the children, whether one parent will take custody or both share equal roles. Each child can be affected mentally or physically, however the severity can depend on gender. The degree of mental health issues depends on the age of its occurrence. Parents must recognize that parental divorce affects the quality of current and future relationships for the children. Statistics Canada (2011) reports a range of 35% and 42% of marriages end in divorce. Divorces increase psychological distress and other health problems in individuals. Parental divorce is linked with increased anxiety and depression in children and adolescents and affects future relationships.
Storksen I., Roysamb E., Moum T., & Tambs K. (2005). Adolescents with a childhood experience of
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The age of occurrence whether it is during one’s childhood or adulthood and the duration influence the amount of disturbance in the child. Gender also plays a role in how and when the child is affected by depression, daily activities and marital history. Future interactions and relationships are impaired due to trust issues from parental divorce. Further studies could examine specific age categories to determine a common time frame which problems start to occur. Researchers can explore how stress affects the marital status and security of the children of divorced parents. Other researchers can study whether having a family history of mental illnesses have a greater influence of increasing depression when parental divorce occurs. Studies can research different racial backgrounds to determine whether some cultures and ethnicities are more susceptible to depression after parental

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