The Connection Of Freedom In George Orwell's 1984 By George Orwell

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In the novella 1984 by George Orwell there can be plenty of “shocking” relevance and connection of information that we can find in our world today. The reaction I get from this novella is that the way Orwell persuades how the world is in 1948, is still happening today in our nation. The information Orwell provides in 1984 is astonishingly related to what is occurring in the world today. We still have issues with privacy, freedom, government control, language, and much more. “They kept on his tail for two hours, when they got into Amersham, handed him over to the patrols. She spotted he was wearing a funny kind of shoes” (Orwell 57). Parsons daughter at such a young age handed over a spy just for funny looking shoes.
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My reaction to the novel is that the government is still watching, there are no privacy, and definitely no freedom, “it’s all conspiracy and propaganda to be against these predictions”. I fell that “Big Brother is still Watching Us” due to the fact that everywhere we go now from the subway, to stores, just walking up the street, there are surveillance cameras pointing at us. Another reaction is how our nation has never gotten any better, but only became worse, and that what takes place all throughout the novel 1984. “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength” (Orwell 26), should be the world’s motto of today. Those three statements gives me a reaction that everything Orwell has wrote for this novel is going on …show more content…
I believe that all throughout this novel people can get the same reaction as I get. This novel has so many truths that can be revealed. This novel may take place in 1948 but it’s still relevant to our world today because it can provide much information that can inform us how the world was, how it is now, and how it will be, that’s another reaction I get from the novel. I get another reaction that the way Orwell portrays the world in the time of 1948 can relate to how I live in this world today. One issue that goes on throughout the world today that takes place in the novel is PRIVACY ISSUES. Some shops I go into there are cameras pointing at me, I take the MTA bus and there are cameras, everywhere I go there are cameras, and I believe the Big Brother is watching me. This novel relates to everyday life, living in this world today, and it comes

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