The Confucian Women Of The Han Dynasty Essay examples

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"Lessons for Women" by Ban Zhao has been a work of literature that has survived the many ancient empires of its time. This piece impacted the Confucian women of the Han Dynasty and has lived to keep on giving its lessons today. Her work has acted a legacy to a great woman and has offered insight in regards to the life in Ancient China. Except, where did Ban Zhao grow up in? What caused her to have these ideals? Why did she write this? How did she intend this piece to be used? As a successful historian and important female role-model and leader in the Han dynasty, Ban Zhao 's Confucianism influenced her to write this work. I think that Ban Zhao wanted to help out all women when she wrote this piece.

The author, Ban Zhao, came from a prominent background. Her father was a scholar and her mother according to her piece a "cultured mother." After reading her piece, I underwent the impression that she was an honorable woman who did not want to disgrace her family. The text tells us that Ban Zhao married at 14 years old (which at the time was normal) and wanted to be a good wife according to her Confucian beliefs. In fact, Ban Zhao was the most recognized and the strongest Confucian woman of the age of Han. "Lessons for Women" was written in ancient China, more specifically, during the Han Dynasty. During this time, many of the people were farmers and workers who were part of the second tier of the social pyramid. Most of the citizens were of humble descent and the aristocrats…

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