The Conflict Of Palestine And Israel Essay

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Media portrays the conflict of Palestine and Israel very one-sidedly, depicting the Palestinian people as violent and aggressive and the Israelis as the victims. While this may be true there is another side to the story that is not being represented. In Joe Sacco’s Palestine he takes it upon himself to uncover the stories that have not been told in order to humanize the Palestinian people. His use of detail and caricatures when drawing faces throughout his novel reflects the greater idea of the conflict between the Israeli soldiers and Palestinian people in the refugee camps, while depicting himself as a comic book character. THESIS Whenever Sacco draws a scene with Israeli soldiers he shows them as strong, clean young men who are ready to fight at any moment. They carry all the power in these refugee camps and they are clear on the fact that they should not be disobeyed. On page 128, Sacco draws a picture of a soldier with his gun in the air and an exaggerated face with his eyes bulging out and teeth grinding together. Along with this depiction are the words “it’s like you see this? This! This is why you can’t get through!” The soldier is referring to his gun as he says “this” and he is putting his authority onto these women trying to get through a blocked street. In this position the women have no rights in their own neighborhood because they are up against a soldier who is armed with a rifle. Sacco reiterates the anger of the soldier by drawing the angle of the soldier…

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