Essay on The Conflict Between Women And Anglo Women

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Slavery produced an American society in the British southeastern colonies in the late 17th century that enhanced the patriarchal ideology and stripped away any agency from the enslaved African and Anglo women. The lack of social status between both of these women must be compared and contrasted using the concepts such as women’s sexual behavior, women’s productive and reproductive work, and women’s right over children, to grasp the idea of how each group lost their power. Anglo women lost their social agency because of the British involvement with slavery, and the enslaved African women lost their agency through slavery. Civilization in the British colonies at that time period was reforming itself, society was trying to restructure itself to try to understand where the slaves fell in the hierarchy, while at the same time trying to ensure that the Anglo male elites would never lose their power. The conclusion was racial purity, they wanted every white colonists to be united in the forefront, believing the racial ideology and creating a great division between the races. This separation enabled the patriarchy to strengthen. The status of both groups of women were interdependent with one another. During this time period racial ideology and patriarchal ideology fueled a society where the status of the enslaved African women was connected to the status of the Anglo women. When discussing how enslaved African and Anglo women are forced to accept a limited status of agency,…

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