The Conflict Between Black Females And Black Men Essay example

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Intersectionality happens when more than one form of oppression is affecting an individual. The oppressions overlap with each other. Intersectionality hides itself within our system which makes it harder to be noticed. Examples of oppressions that tend to intersect: sex, race, homophobia, and class. The overlap of oppressions creates an unfair and exclusive experience to those oppressed. Kimberle Crenshaw talks about three court cases where Black females faced the issues of intersectionality. These women were suing because they believed they were being discriminated for both their race and sex. Unfortunately, the courts treated race and gender as mutually exclusive categories. These women were not able to defend themselves because they either had to sue for sex discrimination or race, but not both. Putting these woman in an awkward stance. A white woman could sue for discrimination without being worried about her race. Black men could sue without being worried about their sex. The plaintiffs were faced with both issues because they were female and Black. Due to their oppressions intersecting, they didn’t have a case. The courts failure to acknowledge the combined discrimination of these women is proof that intersectionality has been present in our system. “Black women are protected only to the extent that their experiences coincide with either group.” The doctrines were formed from white women’s and black men’s experiences, but didn’t take into account Black women. The…

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