The Conflict Between Athens And Jerusalem Essay

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For centuries, Athens and Jerusalem thrived as separate entities. Beginning with the advent of Christ, the two began converging, culminating in Christ’s death and resurrection. After his ascension into heaven, Christ’s disciples began exploring the tension between Athens and Jerusalem engendered by Christianity. Christianity, initially thought to be a sect of Judaism, quickly evolved into a separate religion with a far greater reaching scope than either Athens or Jerusalem. As it continued to spread across the Roman empire, the church fathers debated and investigated the influence of both Athens and Jerusalem in Christianity. Eventually, they adapted the forms of the Roman government for the church. This repurposed Greco-Roman model ultimately satisfies the needs of Christianity because of its sustainability, its reduced susceptibility to corruption, and its restrictions and fulfillments. The reclaimed Greco-Roman model fulfills the needs of Christianity because of its sustainability. Initially, the early Christians practiced a pre-Marxist form of communism, “all the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need,” (Acts 2:44-45). Likewise, Gioronolo Savaronla explored a smilier regime for the city of Florence. He proposed a civil regime–a non-military apparatus of the state enforcing law and order–would benefit Florence. While both these regimes embrace the Christian ideal of equal creation, they…

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