Essay about The Concert : Silent Echo

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Dance Plus Concert: Silent Echo
The concert I attended is on Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 7:30pm, and the one dances presented I am going to write about is Silent Echo.
There are six amazing performances, Are You The Profit? Silent Echo, Swampin, Pictograms, Blue Dream and Excerpts from The Rambler at Thursday night, but. Silent Echo is the one that I had the strongest feeling. Silent Echo was fun to watch and the background music was pleasing. For the name Silent Echo, people can tell it is related to something silent or something peacefully. Thought out the performance, Silent Echo truly express the idea of relaxing. Dancers’ movements did not look like very powerful or energetic, however, it also not weak because there also existed some complex movements. Dancers were both spreading among the stage or narrowing into one group. Silent Echo is a premiere, and choreographed by Keith A. Thompson, and performed by a large group of dancers. Silent Echo was performed at a proscenium theater. There are both males dancers and female dancers participated in Silent Echo: Morgan Bryant, Thea Grier, Spencer Grossman, Rose Hartnett, Sean Langford, Neal Rodgers, and Ashley Yehoda. The music is Juan Jose Rivera, and the costumes are designed by Rachel Evans. However, Silent Echo does not relate to, gender, disability, ethic, cultural origin and nationality I observed the style for Silent Echo was modern dance because dancers’ movements were freely and their spirits were expressing out.…

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