The Complications Of Breast Cancer

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As women, we are more aware of the changes of our body more so now than ever, and the main reasoning for that would be breast cancer. During the 1970s-1980s breast cancer mortality increased as oppose to the 1990s-2013 when breast cancer mortality decreased by 37 percent due to early detection and mammography screening1. It is advised that women should perform their own exam at home daily, going along the breast extending into the armpits pressing firmly for any lumps or changes in the breast. Often times, at first, breast cancer could be asymptomatic, meaning showing no symptoms. Other times, one might notice a lymph node, or lump, nipple discharge (exclusion of milk), dimpling in the breast, etc.. Whatever the case may be, if you are unsure …show more content…
When discussing breast cancer, the term cancer along is scary, but I think a lot of people are misinformed, or uneducated when it comes to the knowledge of breast cancer. Breast cancer is when the cells that are located in our breast start to grow uncontrollably. Often times, breast cancer starts in the cells of the lobules, which produces milk. Less commonly, it can begin in the stromal tissues, which includes fatty and fibrous connective tissues. Once the cells have multipled or tripled, they usually form a tumor that can be detected on an x-ray, or can be felt as a lump around the breast area. There are two types of breast cancer tumors, and four different stages. The types are malignant and benign, malignant being cancerous and aggressive because they invade and damage surrounding tissue. Benign meaning a mass of cells that has the ineptitude to invade adjoning tissue or metastasize (spread). When it comes to the different stages, they vary from Stage I to Stage IV, and A or B. Stage 0 is non-invasive breast cancer. Within this …show more content…
African-American women mortality rate is higher than the rate of Caucasian women, whereas Caucasian women are more likely to be diagnosed with this cancer than African-American women. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer among African-American women and is usually get diagnosed at an earlier age than caucasian women being 59 compared to 63. In 2016, it is reported that about 6,310 deaths are expected to happen among African-American women3. There are many reason why African-American women have a high mortality rate than any other race, some being, barriers to health care access, health habits,

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