Essay on The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx

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Utopia by Thomas Moore and The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx reveal insight from the perception of two men of what the perfect world would consist of along with how it would function. Utopianism is a much more imaginative condition whereas Marx ideas could be considered more applicable. These are good concepts to consider and study, however it is reasonable to claim that there will never be a truly perfect society. The purpose of this paper will be to go more in depth into both books and gain better understanding on where the authors were coming from with these what seem to be absurd ideas. Marxism and Utopianism share many unique ideas that while carefully thought through, will never result in a perfect society.
Karl Marx was born in Germany in 1818 in western Germany. Throughout his life he was known as a lawyer, philosopher, and socialist. His writings became very controversial and he was excommunicated from both Germany and France. Marx ideas went against the norm and laid out the basics for Marxism. His theories revolved around the basis that there should be only one social class; everyone should be equal. Marx believed that there should be an equally sharing of wealth. All of these ideas went completely against the capitalist societies of Europe. Marx believed that Capitalism would eventually morph into Socialism, and held onto this idea through great adversity. Marx made quite a large impact in steering people away from what he believed to be the abusive system of…

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