The Communist Manifesto By Karl Marx Essay

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There are great differences between the Enlightenment ideas and the ideas of communism in the book called the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, however there appears to be some similarities between the ideas of one another even though both Enlightenment and the rise of communism are in different time periods. The three enlightenment philosophers that greatly inspired Marx in creating communism and his book were Voltaire, John Locke, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. These three philosophers believed in the ideas of individual freedom, popular sovereignty, and political plus legal equality between the different social classes and the government that rules over them. Karl Marx tries to use the western ideas from the enlightenment to do the same for the country of Russia but instead of using capitalism of Western civilization, he creates his own idea of communism and intertwine it with the Enlightenment philosophies.
Voltaire was an important individual in the Enlightenment because he spoke out about individual freedom and how the government and the church would silence those who were against them in any way shape or form. Individual freedom from the Communist Manifesto is completely opposite from the view of Voltaire’s from the Enlightenment. According with the Communist Manifesto, this form of individual freedom would free the individual themselves from making the decisions and allowing the government to make all of the choices for them in terms of what is good for everyone as a…

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