The Common Types Of Eating Disorders Essay

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Eating disorders are very common throughout the world today as many people are wanting to change their bodies and develop these disorders in the process. One of the most common types of eating disorders is known as Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia is a common disorder that is known for its excessive weight loss due to self-starvation. People with this disorder are typically hungry but due to wanting to lose weight they will starve themselves and refuse any food given to them. As anorexia becomes more common in teenagers and adults, slowly doctors and other medical workers are becoming more able to treat them as we find help before it is too late for them because with the disorder it can lead to death if not treated right away. Anorexia is an eating disorder that can effect a person both mentally as well as physically as it destroys them inside and out.
Some reasons behind why people become anorexic are because they think their looks are important and so they will begin wanting to be everyone’s average weight. Others will become anorexic because they are using it as a coping mechanism to something that happened in their lifetimes such as struggling through life with abusive parents or family, neglect, and even traumatic events that occurred in life. The reason that it is used to cope with experiences in life is because it creates a weight goal for the person to achieve to forget about the pain that is in life (Hall & Ostroff, n.d.). One of the most common things that people will…

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