The Comedic Career Of Kevin Hart Essay

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“Humor is a way in which people seek to interact with others, and plays an important role in social posturing, communication, attraction, group formation, and other areas.”() Throughout the comedic career of Kevin Hart, he has used many different methods for conveying his jokes. Many of his jokes are jokes about his family growing up and himself. Humor has been used as a coping mechanism to deal with the certain situations he has dealt with in life. He does an outstanding job of using the self-deprecation technique in his comedies. One stand-up in particular that garnered Kevin Hart major success and catapulted his career was the skit “Laugh At My Pain.” Kevin Hart embarked on a “Laugh At My Pain,” tour that covered 90 cities and was able to gross fifteen million in ticket sales in the first two days. This was an astonishing feat for Kevin Hart because those sales exceeded his idol and icon Eddie Murphy’s “Raw” tour. () “Humor is also used as a way to express or deny fear. Sardonism and "gallows humor" enable a person who is in a difficult or dangerous situation to express their distress without seeming weak.”() During “Laugh At My Pain” Kevin Hart was very successful in this approach during the stand-up. When Kevin Hart was younger his dad and him was at the pool and Kevin Hart’s dad threw him into a seven-foot pool. He talks about how that was a moment in his life in which he was extremely panicky and thought he was going to drown. For him to be able to look back on…

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