Essay on The Columbus Letter By Christopher Columbus

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The Columbus Letter, written by Christopher Columbus in 1493 is one of the most extraordinary, and important historical sources ever written. The Columbus Letter was written to inform King Ferdinand, and Queen Isabella about the unbelievable discoveries Christopher found in the Islands he had explored, which Columbus portrayed that they “exceed belief, unless one has seen them.” [Documents Collection, 3]. The Columbus Letter is a very important historical source because it provides a very vivid image of the islands were like, and in a very detailed manner the letter also addresses how Christopher felt about the people who lived in those islands. If this letter had not been written with such great detail, or if it had not been written at all, history would not have such a deep, and a vast understanding of what it was like for Christopher to arrive in those islands for the first time; history would have lost much of its understanding, and insight of what this very important event was like. For this reason, the Columbus Letter is not only a very useful historical source, but a unique one too. Detail is used to such an intense level, that any concentrated reader of the letter, can get a very vivid image of the islands Christopher went to, and the people he saw in the different islands.

Columbus describes every island he explored, in great detail, and describes them as very beautiful islands, however, he seems to have been more impressed by two islands. One which named,…

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