Essay on The Columbian Exchange And Its Impact On The World

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The Columbian Exchange is known throughout the world as one of the most spectacular and ecological events to ever take place. You could look at the Exchange as something that had a negative effect on the world but I firmly believe that with all the positives that come from this trade, the negatives are outmatched. The Columbian Exchange had many positive effects on the social, economies, and all of the cultures of both the New and Old Worlds. One of the greatest things to come from the Columbian Exchange was the increase of food production throughout the entire globe. Economically, the Columbian Exchange had such a great impact on the Old and New Worlds. One of, if not the greatest impact the Exchange had on the world, was the increase in food supply. I really like a quote from a famous historian by the name of Alfred Crosby, he said the following: “The coming together of the continents was a prerequisite for the population explosion of the past two centuries, and certainly played an important role in the Industrial Revolution. The transfer across the ocean of the staple food crops of the Old and New Worlds made possible the former”. That quote shows the importance of trading staple crops from one world to the other. Some of the crops and food that the New World gave to the Old one consisted of; potatoes, tomatoes, chocolate, and corn. The Old World responded by giving some of their own staple crops to the New World, such as wheat, sugar, coffee, and rice. The Old World…

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