The Color Red : The Key Of Woman 's Sexual Maturity Essay

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The Color Red: The Key to Woman’s Sexual Maturity
The color red has always had some significant meaning, whether it is in real life, myths, legends, or even fairy tales. Two fairy tales which illustrate the symbolic meaning of the color red are two tales about Snow White; Brothers Grimm’s “Snow White” and Lasiar Gheug, “The King of Ireland’s Daughter.” In these fairy tales red resembles the opportunity for women to be rescued by a prince and possibly reach sexual maturity, but the shedding of blood is symbolic and necessary for women to reach their sexual maturity. The women who fully mature give birth to one or more children, whereas the woman who does not shed any blood does not give birth. The color of red and the shedding of blood must both be present, they work hand in hand; a woman cannot fully mature if one of the elements is missing.
The color red is significant in the process of a woman’s sexual maturity by allowing the woman to have the possibility of maturing but it is the act of shedding blood that determines if she will fully mature. The importance of both the color red and the shedding of blood can be seen in the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale of Snow White. There are two women in the Brothers Grimm’s story, one is the mother of Snow White and the other is Snow White herself. The mother of Snow White pricks her finger while sewing, a drop of blood hits the snow and she wishes for a child. Sometime later she gives birth to Snow White. The shedding of…

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